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Be ready to be truly appreciated by thousands of girls from the east.

Tell me your tastes and then be ready to have your fill for the entire trip.

About Us

We've been taking guys like you on tours to Thailand since 2004. I started this as a hobby business because i couldn't think of anything better to do, still can't ! Based out of the Los Angeles area, I'll take you on a tour like no other. If its beautiful young asian women you like, come have your fill.

Package Overview


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Check the “book now ” page to select the tour date that works best for you.  Inclusive tour package payment covers: *Round trip airfare from Los Angeles Int’l Airport to Thailand, *Round trip transportation from Bangkok Int’l Airport to our hotel in Pattaya Beach. Private room includes in-room safe, private patio, large walk-in shower, cable tv, in-room wi-fi., 2 free bottles of water each day, * Nightly informal tour/outings to various bars,go-go bars and clubs. Includes first 2 drinks each night. * lots of info and guidance during our trip.* commemorative t-shirt

Inclusive Tours vary in price , so go to the “book now” page to see which tour dates best fit your schedule.

Also –

See the prices below to help you determine how much this trip will cost you.  The prices are estimates only and are subject to change as well as subject to fluctuation of the dollar to the Thai Baht. Items below are NOT included in the Inclusive Tour Package.
Meals , drinks , tips , daytime excursions , “extra curricular activities.” Approx. out of pocket expenses per day for all your food, drink and fun
$150.00 – $250/day ( for a 10 day stay plan on spending at least $1500.00 while in Pattaya.)
You can bring cash or travelers checks. Money exchange kiosk are everywhere and  ATM machines are plentiful.
No extra charge for one guest in room. There will be an extra charge for each add’l guest. (approx $15 per)
Bring a friend – book together and you EACH take $100.00 off IN ADDITION to any other discount we offer.
There is room service however you are responsible for all charges to your room. The installment for this tour only includes the basic room rate.
Recommended hotel staff tips , if happy with service:
Upon checkout – I usually tip the person that has been cleaning my room about 100 baht per day ( less than 3.00/day)
Upon checkout – Tip jar at lobby i recommend about 100 baht per day also.
Room service food charges already include a service fee, so when signing your check in your room upon delivery do not add additional tip.
Laundry service is available for a nominal fee from the hotel and from a less expensive kiosk just outside the hotel.
Besides the hundreds of local Thai places to eat you’ll find lots of delicious international flavors , with something for everyone, whatever your taste.
For US citizens – no visa is required for up to a 30 day stay, Passport Only.
thai_gogo_girl_yui_from_champagne_agogo_pattaya     rainbowbra-thai-girl01     Asian-bikini-girl-2   hooters-girl-with-swim-wear     girl

hooters-girl-with-swim-wearPattaya Beach is located on the Gulf of Thailand 150 kilometers southeast of the kingdom’s capital city Bangkok.

The beach resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today and each year over four million visitors enjoy the uniqueness of the Resort City.In the travel industry Pattaya is notorious for having the four “S’s” of sun, sand, sea, and sex.

Pattaya Beach is a palm-fringed sandy bay with a pleasant view of tropical islands on the horizon.Along the coast near by are cliffs and other beaches like Jomtien to the south and Naklua to the north.In all there are nearly fifteen-kilometer of beaches while inland, the area is rich in agricultural products including sugar cane, pineapple, tapioca, fruits, and fast growing trees and bamboo.

Pattaya Beach was once a small fishing vilage on the Gulf of Thailand until the Vietnam War. With the war came thousands of American GIs looking for a place to get away from the death and destruction that wars bring and so Pattaya Beach became an official R&R center for the U.S. military forces. The GIs were flown into U-Tapao airport, which was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for their use at the time. Shortly there after hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues grew quickly to meet the demand.

By the late early seventies Pattaya Beach was already a thriving resort community just in time to meet the unforeseen boom ot tourism in the mid seventies with the first groups of European tourists that has escalated ever since. The tide of tourists seamed to turn again in the early nineties when the Japanese discovered business in Bangkok and golf in Pattaya Beach. By the mid nineties another tide of tourists washed ashore from Russians and other eastern European countries that were all part of the communist block that didn’t permit their citizens to travel.

Recently the status of Pattaya has been changing from simply a tourist resort to a business center as the area grows with the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Region operation of four light industrial estates, with a seaport, and modern loading and transport facilities.Five international schools have opened nearby and there are now four major international hospitals in Pattaya alone.There are three shopping centers whle several large supermarkets have branches in Pattaya and a number of international department store chains have opened shopping malls in the area.


thai_gogo_girl_yui_from_champagne_agogo_pattayaThis informal beer and pizza briefing mixer invitation is open to all those who have already paid a minimum $100 tour deposit and will take place in the Los Angeles area usually 8-10 weeks prior to each trip. Although the mixer is not a requirement, it’s a good time to meet and greet those who’ll be coming along on the tour(s). I pass around some pictures , show some videos, and give you more insight on what to expect on the tour of your dreams.

178• Roadside and Market Food Stands • Pattaya • Water Sports • Golf • Diving and Snorkeling • Bargaining • Tipping • Prices

180You must be 18 years old minimum – no maximum age – if you’re 80 what are you waiting for.You must be easy going- no mean drunks. “It you are a mean drunk the rest of us will kick your irresponsible ASS! So just stay home. Also it’s important that you be respectful when in any foreign country to both the men and women. It’s not the USA. If it were, you wouldn’t be on vacation.

This is it they’ve got it all figured out in Pattaya Beach.AN ADULT WORLD THE WAY YOU’VE DREAMED ABOUT.  BOOK NOW.   These tours are limited to between 4 – 10 persons per tour. If a tour date does not get booked for at least 4 persons, then the tour will be cancelled and you’ll get a full refund or a substantial discount on a future tour, your choice.


Why go with you and a tour and not just by myself?

Well I suppose you could, but seasoned world travelers alike know, if you’re in unfamiliar territory you’ll most certainly pay more and get less. This is a great deal for guys that don’t want to waste valuable vacation time roaming in taxis, scouting out seedy overpriced hotel rooms, wandering aimlessly for miles. Bring a friend and get $100 off each fare or make new ones on our journey.

What are the girls like towards foreigners and Americans in particular?

Wow, they’ll be so happy to see you and with very sincere attitudes they’ll proudly please you to your hearts’ content and beyond. Americans are very well liked across the board in Thailand. Thailand is the USA’s #1 allie in Asia.

Is it a direct flight?

There are no direct flights to Thailand as of now, from the US. Our 1 scheduled layover is less than 3 hrs. Airlines we take vary from tour to tour. Flight is about 14 hrs, then a 2 hr layover then about 3 more hours to Bangkok. I promise you, it’s worth the distance. Also, remember on the flight your meals are included as is your entertainment system with movies games music etc. headphones provided or bring your own. Alcohol is typically included on these flights as well. Be careful to stay hydrated. Flying can dehydrate. Stay hydrated.

Can I just buy a land package tour and arrange my own flight?

Yes , email me via our “contact us ” page for further details.

Can I drink the water?

Good clean bottled water for pennies will follow you everywhere.

Can I get an American franchise burger if I want?

Yes Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Hooters and Starbucks are all a short walk from the hotel right across the street from the beach.

Can I bring a girl back with me?

Yes you have many options if you’re a US citizen and if you’re not you still have some options. I have more info or check the website links page (travel state government). Make it happen – come along on the tour.

Can I go for less time?

Yes, come with us and let me know when you need to return home and I’ll adjust your rate.

When is your next mixer?

It depends on when you might want to travel. If you want to go on the next scheduled tour and we’ve already had a recent mixer call to schedule. If you’re looking to travel beyond the next scheduled trip let me know and I’ll put you on the guest list for the next mixer and we’ll contact you with an invitation. Book early, spaces limited to small group of about 10 or less.

Can I bring my wife or g/f?

Sure, some do. If you’re into that sort of thing.

What about sexually transmitted diseases?

I recommend safe sex. I’ll take you to clubs where the girls are tested on a regular basis and if you want STD tests are available for about 20.00 USD with results in 2hrs in Pattaya Beach.

What ages are the girls?

18 is the legal age of consent. In the gogo bars etc most of the young women are in their early 20’s however there are thousands of women of all ages available.

What about the crime?

Compared to the US, crime is almost non-existent in Thailand. You’ll feel very safe with us in Pattaya Beach. These stats and more are available in handouts at the mixers.

Do I need a ride to the airport?

I will have a vehicle sent to pick you up at no charge from the greater Los Angeles area and take you to Los Angeles Int’l Airport. You must request this service at least 14 days before the tour. Rides from Bangkok airport to our hotel and back to the airport are included in your tour package.

What is included in the package?

Round trip airfare (& taxes) from LAX to BKK.
Private hotel room with a/c , private balcony, cable tv, walk in shower, mini fridge,in room safe,in room wifi.
Transport to LAX from the greater Los Angeles area upon request 14 days or more prior to departure.
Soapy massage (full service) 90min typically on our first full day. Several girls to choose from.
First 2 drinks each evening as we head out to our first gogo bars/clubs. Usually after the first stop or two , the guys will begin to select a companion for the evening ,and off they go.

How much money should I bring?

Beyond the price of the package, I’d recommend $150-$250/day to cover ALL your expenses. You can bring cash, travelers checks or ATM debit card or credit cards. There are money exchange kiosks everywhere are ATM machines as well. There is a small safe in the room, very handy.

What’s the weather like?

The temperature is most always between 75 and 95 degrees F.

How should I pack?

Very light. Shorts, short sleeved shirt or t-shirts and comfortable walking shoes. Toiletries . Next day laundry service available for a nominal fee. You can actually buy everything you need there if you wish , and usually for less money.

What about using my electrical appliances over there?

The outlets in your room will work with your USA devices and appliances.

Will my cell phone work over there?

If your cell phone uses a SIM card you’ll be in luck . You can purchase pre-paid/loaded SIM cards all over the place there. Just switch it out with the one in your phone and you’re good to go.

Is there computer access in Pattaya Beach?

Yes, widely available. At the hotel and many Internet cafes. WiFi is free in your room. Just phone down to the front desk for the password.

What if I need medical attention?

There are 3 major hospitals right in Pattaya Beach. Doctors are available to your hotel room if needed , for a very reasonable price. If you need a doctor to your room, just call down to the front desk and they will send one up.

How long does it take to get a passport?

It’s easy; your post office probably has an application or we will get you one. Apply early since it may take 6 weeks, there is a service that will for an extra fee rush the process in 2 weeks. Check my website links page then click on “travel state government” and there you’ll see “passports” on the left of that page. A passport is a good idea anyway, keep a current one always. No Visa Required for US citizens and US permanent residents. If you are applying for a new passport i recommend you visit only the .gov website otherwise you’ll be paying a look a like middle man service fee etc.

Can I get Viagra there?


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